Friday, 28 January 2011

Who is Abu Hurairah?

First of all, commiserations to Shias and Muslims across the world as we commemorated the Chelum of Imam Hussain (a.s.) this week. Every year we remember his sacrifice that saved Islam in its entirety, forget Shia Islam, all of Islam was under the threat of annihilation. Us Shias are continuously attacked for this commiseration, only two days ago, bomb blasts killed several Shia pilgrims in Kerbala and in Pakistan, suicide blasts targetted Shia processions in Lahore and Karachi, injuring and killing over 50 people. Everytime I hear such news I feel dejected and depressed. We are mourning the brutal killing of the grandson of the Holy Prophet and his companions and instead of joining in the mourning, Shias are killed instead. I pray for the day when Shias can remember the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (a.s.) in peace across the world and especially in so-called Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Pakistan.

The tragedy at Kerbala saw the brutal killings of Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his 72 companions. These were true companions, worthy of the name. They sacrificed themselves for the sake of Islam and are rightly revered. Sunnis seem to have a different outlook when it comes to companions. They are the followers of the sunnah of the Prophet, the majority of which has been relayed by his companions. Companionship is a great virtue but it did not make the Prophet's companions infalliable, amongst them there were many loyal and honest men and women, but there were also those who were hypocrites, who commited sins and crimes under the cover of "companionship:" "...and among the townspeople of Al-Madinah (there are some who) persist in hypocrisy whom thou (O Muhammad) knowest not." (Surah 9, Verse 101) There were some hypocrites that even the Prophet did not know about.

Sunnis follow the sayings of the Prophet, the ahadith, as narrated by his companions sometimes regardless of the accuracy. For Shias, no book is 100% accept the Holy Quran, and perhaps Nahjul Balagha. Today I want to focus on a source of common Sunni misguidance, the companion Abu Hurairah, a key man behind several dodgy and fradulent ahadiths and a person Sunnis seem to follow blindly.

Abu Hurairah was born in Yemen in 603 AD, he was an orphan, with only a mother and no other relatives. His name at birth was Abd al-Shams (servant of the sun) but as a child he used to play with cats and became known as Abu Hurairah - Father of kittens. In 629 AD, he visited Madina with members of his tribe and then spent approximately three years with the Holy Prophet, until his death on 8th June 632 AD. Abu Hurairah died in 681 AD, aged 78, a year after the tragedy of Kerbala.

According to Sunni traditions, his great knowledge came from the Prophet himself: "The Prophet began to ladle knowledge with his hands and put it into the garment saying to Abu Hurayra: “Join it to your chest.” Abu Hurairah joined it to his chest and became infallible from forgetting; therefore he was the best of companions in keeping Sunna in mind and the most aware of it." Having become infallible from forgetting ahadith, he then went onto narrate thousands of sayings from the Prophet.

I want to look at a few examples of these apparent infallible ahadiths and ask whether they appear to make much sense, let alone whether the Holy Prophet could have narrated such sayings. To begin with, the Holy Prophet apparently narrated several ahadith about Prophet Moses. Various Sunni books quote Abu Hurairah talking about Prophet Moses:
  • The Angel of Death used to come to people visibly, but when he came to Prophet Moses to take his life, Moses slapped him, gouged his eye, and sent him back to God one-eyed. After this accident, the angel of death went to people invisibly!
  • Another wonder of Abu Hurairah's was the competition between Moses and the rock. Moses put his cloths on the rock to swim in the sea away from people. The rock ran away with Moses' cloths in order to force him to follow it nakedly as he was born in front of the Israelites in order to refute the rumor saying that Moses had a hernia. Moses ran after the rock shouting: “O, rock, my cloths. O rock, my cloths.” The rock stopped after ending its task. Moses began beating the rock with his stick severely until he made some scars in the rock.
  • And another one about an ant that pinched prophet Moses. Moses ordered his followers to burn the village of the ants. Then Allah inspired to him: “Because of an ant that pinched you, you burnt a nation, which pleased Allah!”
  • Another tradition, this time about Prophet Solomon who said: “I will go to bed with a hundred women tonight that every one of them will give birth to a boy, who will fight for the sake of Allah.” The angel asked him to say inshallah. He did not say. So no one of his wives gave birth to a baby save one, who gave birth to half a human being!
  • Salim, the freed slave of Nasriyyin, said: I heard Abu Huraira as saying that he heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: O Allah, Muhammad is a human being. I lose my temper just as human beings lose temper, and I have held a covenant with Thee which Thou wouldst not break: For a believer whom I give any trouble or invoke curse or beat, make that an expiation (of his sins and a source of) his nearness to Thee on the Day of Resurrection. (Sahih Muslim, Book 32, Number 6293)
  • Allah's Apostle said, "When the Adhan is pronounced Satan takes to his heels and passes wind with noise during his flight in order not to hear the Adhan. When the Adhan is completed he comes back and again takes to his heels when the Iqama is pronounced and after its completion he returns again till he whispers into the heart of the person (to divert his attention from his prayer) and makes him remember things which he does not recall to his mind before the prayer and that causes him to forget how much he has prayed." (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11, Number 582)
That last ahadith is depressingly sad but amusing at the same time. Satan apparently passes wind, farts, in order not to hear the Adhan and Iqama. Can anyone honestly claim that the Holy Prophet would narrate such events? These are just some of the examples of narrations by Abu Hurairah, there are plenty more which are equally absurd.

Abu Hurairah has narrated over 5,000 ahadiths from the Holy Prophet all in the space of the three years he spent with the Holy Prophet. According to Muhammed Zubayr Siddiqui, in his book "Hadith Literature: It's Origin, Development, & Special Features," Abu Hurairah has narrated 5,374 ahadiths. In comparison, Bibi Aisha has narrated 2,210 ahadiths, Umar al-Khattab has narrated 537 ahadiths, Imam Ali (a.s.) 536 ahadiths and Abu Bakr 142 ahadiths. Abu Hurairah has narrated more from the Holy Prophet than the other four just mentioned, combined and only in the space of three years. Doesn't make any sense.

Beyond the above ahadiths mentioned above, there are then the ahadiths that seem to conrtadict what was happening at the time. For example, Abu Hurairah narrated the story of a conversation with the wife of Uthman, Ruqqaya and the Holy Prophet: He said: “Once I entered the house of Ruqayya, the Prophet's daughter and Uthman's wife. She had a comb in her hand. She said: “The Prophet left just a little ago. I combed his hair. He said to me: “How do you find Abu Abdullah (Uthman)?” I said: “he is good.” He said to me: “Grace him! He is the most similar to me, among my companions, in morals.” Imam al-Hakim, famous Sunni transmitter of ahadith, narrates this and says: “This tradition has a true series of narrators but untrue text, (the content is untrue) because Ruqayya had died in the third year of hijra during the battle of Badr, whereas Abu Hurairah came and became a Muslim after the battle of Khaybar (four years later).” So how did he have this conversation that he claims?

Another such ahadith is when Abu Hurairah boasted "We conquered Khaybar but we didn't gain gold or silver. We gained sheep, cows, camels, wares and houses." Abu Hurairah never participated in the Battle of Khaybar. He became a Muslim after that battle, and so once again, this narration doesn't make much sense.

If he was such a great companion and privy to so much information from the Holy Prophet, surely he would have been revered amongst the other companions. However, this was not the case. The second caliph, Umar al-Khattab, reportedly beat Abu Hurairah on more than one occasion: Ibn Sa'ad in Tabaqat, Volume IV, Ibn Hajar Asqalani in Isaba, and Ibn Abd-e-Rabbih in Iqdu'l-Farid, Volume I, write that the Caliph said: "'When I made you the governor of Bahrain, you had not even shoes on your feet, but now I have heard that you have purchased horses for 1,600 dinars. How did you acquire this wealth?' He replied, 'These were men's gifts which profit has multiplied much.' The Caliph's face grew red with anger, and he lashed him so violently that his back bled. Then he ordered the 10,000 dinars which Abu Huraira had collected in Bahrain be taken from him and deposited in the account of the Baitu'-Mal."

This was not the first time that Umar beat Abu Huraira. In Sahih Muslim it mentions that during the time of the Prophet, Umar Bin Khattab beat Abu Huraira so severely that the latter fell down on the ground. Allama Muttaqi Hindi in his Kanzu'l-Umma reports that Caliph Umar lashed him, rebuked him, and forbade him to narrate hadith from the Holy Prophet. Umar, asked why he did so, said: "Because you narrate hadith in (such) large numbers from the Holy Prophet, you are fit only for attributing lies to him. So you must stop narrating hadith from the Prophet; otherwise, I will send you back to your tribe in Yemen.”

Bibi Aisha was also someone who was not fond of Abu Huraira: Ibn Qutayba, in Ta'wil-e-Mukhtalifu'l-Hadith, and Hakim in Mustadrak, Volume III, and Dhahabi in Talkhisu'l-Mustadrak, reporting about the characteristics of Abu Huraira, all say that Bibi Aisha repeatedly contradicted him and said, "Abu Hurairah is a great liar who fabricates hadith and attributes them to the Holy Prophet." The famous book on hadith by Ibn Qutaiba Al-Dinory, records the story of Bibi Aisha telling Abu Hurairah; "You tell ahadiths about the prophet Muhammed that we never heard them from him" He answered "You (Aisha) were busy with your mirror and make up" She (Aisha) answered him; "It is you who were busy with your stomach and hunger. Your hunger kept you busy, you were running after the people in the alleyways, begging them for food, and they used to avoid you and get away from your way, and finally you would come back and pass out in front of my room and the people think you were crazy and step all over you."

Lastly, Imam Ali (a.s.) famously derided Abu Hurairah: Ibn Abi'l-Hadid, in his commentary on Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume I, reports from his teacher, Imam Abu Ja'far Asqalani, that Ali said, "Beware of the greatest liar among the people, Abu Huraira."

So when we reject the traditions and narrations of Abu Hurairah, we are rejecting the man who Umar, Aisha and Imam Ali (a.s.) rejected. This is not some Shia conspiracy or hate campaign. Yet, the tragedy today is that majority of Muslims accept his words, his traditions, his narrations, his nonsense. His legacy is long-lasting. Sunni Islam is built on the narrations of the companions, many of them on the false, unreliable, odd and offensive narrations of Abu Hurairah. There is nothing wrong with following the Sunnah of the Prophet but it depends on which Sunnah. Abu Hurairah was a fabricator of ahadith and I've hopefully shown how anything narrated by him cannot be trusted.

There are two types of Sunnah, there is the Sunnah defined by the likes of Abu Hurairah and others (Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik ibn-Tayimah) who came long after the Prophet and projected their own prejudices and theological inclinations. Then there is the household of the Holy Prophet as defined by Imam Ali (a.s.) and his children - the Ahlul Bayt. Before people dispute this claim of the household and the value of following them, learning from them, being inspired by them, I end this blog with the following quotes:
"I heard the Prophet saying, "There will be twelve Muslim rulers (who will rule all the Islamic world)." He then said a sentence which I did not hear. My father said, "All of them (those rulers) will be from Quraish." (Sahih Bukhari, Vol 9, Book 89, No. 331)
"It has been reported on the authority of Jabir b. Samura who said: I went with my father to the Messenger of Allah (may peeace be upon him) and I heard him say: This religion would continue to remain powerful and dominant until there have been twelve Caliphs. Then he added something which I couldn't catch on account of the noise of the people. I asked my father: What did he say? My father said: He has said that all of them will be from the Quraish" (Sahih Muslim, Book 20, Nos 4477, 4478, 4480, 4481, 4482, 4483)
Who am I to disagree?


  1. This is such a good blog. I alway remember seeing this guys name
    everwhere in Sunni hadiths and didn't know he made so much up.
    All your blogs so far have been a great eye opener esp small details I didn't know. Carry on the great work! :)

  2. Sunnat Ar-Rasul4 March 2011 at 22:27

    Just a bunch of BS.. May Allah guide the astrayed Shia

    1. I am not a Shia -- I am making it clear in the begining so that one may not think that I am prejudiced.
      Sunnat - do not write without giving it a thought -- Many of the Hadiths especially which are referenced to Abu Huraira goes against the nature of us - we common sinful people- and they have been related to our Prophet who was/is the Best among Allah's creation. We should not blindly follow or accept whatever is dished out to us -- Allah has given us Aql and we should make use of it.

    2. Id like to ask you were there any shia in the time of muhammed (saw)

    3. The Messenger of Allah said to Ali: "Glad tiding O Ali! Verily you and your companions and your Shia (followers) will be in Paradise."

      Sunni references:

      Fadha'il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p655
      Hilyatul Awliyaa, by Abu Nu'aym, v4, p329
      Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi, v12, p289
      al-Awsat, by al-Tabarani
      Majma' al-Zawa'id, by al-Haythami, v10, pp 21-22
      al-Darqunti, who said this tradition has been transmitted via numerous authorities.
      al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar Haythami , Ch. 11, section 1, p247

    4. Sure you said true, Shia mean an ally, or the group of people. We sunni too believe that the people with Imam Ali(A.s) were the best people of that time, and the people who fought against Ali(A.S) was not fighting for right cause. but what made you think that by just naming your self shia you can have the same place which those Shian-e-ali (A.S) deserves??? you people of gone astray dear. Shia maslak has been manipulated by irani's in 1600 century. you must study you own history dear before you claim to be a Shia

    5. The Messenger of Allah said to Ali: "Glad tiding O Ali! Verily you and your companions and your Shia (followers) will be in Paradise."
      is this authentic according to sunni hadith scholar?

  3. Thank for visiting Sunnat Ar-Rasul. You've really highlighted your incredible ignorance with your comments.

    Why don't you try and deal with the points I have raised in the blog about this so-called companion rather than make vague comments.

    Good luck in trying!

    1. The hadith you quote are nothing but fabrications. The truth about Shia is we all know the truth about shia. Why don't you quote the fallacy of your scriptures who state that the Quran is not complete. Why don't you quote the fallacy of your scriptures who states that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wassallam) is not the last prophet? Yours books state that. Nahjul Balagha, have you read it? Have you read the other one?

      You know what the truth is. You cannot hide from it. You can prevent others to see it, How are you preventing ALLAH (subhannahu wa t'ala) from seeing it? Do you know the consequences of misleading people? DO you know the consequences of worshiping graves?

      Do you know the consequences of saying "Ya Ali Madad"? What kind of clear Kufar is that?

      DO you know the consequences of talisman? It is you SHIA who conduct these clear Kufar.

  4. masha allah.. thx for this blog. i've just converted to shia muslims 3 months ago, and this blog really firm my decision to be a shia muslim.
    all my family are sunni muslims except my mother.

    and it will be nice if you upload another article about aisha (the wive of rasuul) :)

    thx again for the blog, keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for your kind words. May Allah bless you with the strength and imaan as you continue your journey.

    How have your family responded to you converting to Shiism?

  6. pl also visit this blog on abu huraira

  7. Salam Brothers and Sisters,
    I was born a into a Sunni family, a family that started out incredibly traditional but now can be considered liberal (after a 30 year journey of studying and discussing).
    I, though not my parents, have come to the conclusion that all Hadiths have to be disregarded. There is entirely too much cultural bias and prejudices in them. With fallibility attributed to anyone in the chain of people spreading the ahadith.
    According to the Quran, the Quran is detailed and clear. According to the Quran, the Quran can be understood by anyone who uses their intellect. According to the Quran, it is complete.
    This is an interesting post. I am not expecting anyone to agree with my pov and opinion, but all I want is for everyone to continue being critical to everything people attribute to Islam. Everything should be intellectually examined. And I believe that is what you have done with this post. Great work.

    1. First I replied to 2nd anonymous then saw your but I am sure you have great promise and understanding too. Please you do read 'And
      then I was guided ' by Allamah Tejany . There are many Videos by most eminent Sheikh Jehad Ismaeil on you tube.

    2. w.salam. brother Quran do instruct to Offer your prayer, but how will you offer your prayer if you don't get your self guided according to sunnah i.e hadiths of the prohpet??

  8. All this is nonsense. Just remember all you who talk bad about the prophet's (saaw) friends are going to be asked on Yawm al Qiyamah.

    1. Particularly interesting and amusing is the last hadees 'Allah's Apostle said, "When the Adhan is pronounced Satan takes to his heels and '
      It seems when you were reading this piece , Iblees came near you and the sound was of such high decibal, you could not understand anything that is why you call it all Nonsense.
      Please remember one thing , the Eminent writer of this article has not reffered many more such SOUNDFUL ahadees , one I remember and enjoy most is the Mighty Allah (swt) puts his massive one leg in the Jahannum,when it complains of its wast emptyness,Allah does it so to fill it up
      Now imagine the 4 Fiqh , based , by and large on these narrations form the foundation of the 4 sects of Ahle Sunnah.

  9. please link this blog on ur blog

  10. great info, it definitely will get me researching into resources/proofs. may Allah keep us guided on the path of his Prophet pbuh and his Holy Household (as)

  11. Last two Hadiths are fake so I gusseing the ret of the page is rubbish

  12. i(L)1D............ GR8 INFO BTW :D

  13. What is Gaybath?......It is telling bad about someone (if it is true as well) to someone else, and trying to publisize it.The sin is equivalent to commiting 30 or 40 Zinaa
    Now, Do you think that Hazrath Ali (RA), Bibi Ayesha (RA) would do something like this, by publisizing statements of Abu Hurraira. i dont think so. Give yourselves a moment and think about it

  14. I think the "Anonymous" is not able to distinguish between Geebath and Nahee-an-al-munkir!

  15. If you shias claim to be the "real muslims" then why is Mutta I.e. temporary marriage allowed for you??? This is the biggest sin in Islam, secondly, If it's allowed, then do you allow your sister to do Mutta ????
    Another question is, if you Shia say that the companion of the prophet sws. are (auzbillah) hypocrites, then why the prophet chosed them as his nearest companions? If so, then it means that Shias are more right than the Prophet sws. Astaghfirullah!
    Next question is, why are you hit yourself on the day of Muharam??? Is this not Haram? Because Allah swt says that we should take care of our body's and not hurt ourselves, and we should not show aggression or any kind of such behavior as the Shias doing on the day of Muharam.

    May Allah swt guide us all to the right path.
    Asalam-u-alaikum :-)

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your questions and comments. If you get a chance, please browse the rest of my blog as I've tried to answer the questions you ask.

      1) About muta:

      2) Some companions are hypocrites and for more information read here: &

      3) We perform maatum to commemorate the brutal killing of the grandson of the Holy Prophet by the tyrant Yazid. More info here:

      Btw, what do you make of my points about Abu Hurairah and why he can't be trusted? Disagree? If so, why?

      Thanks for visiting!
      May Allah guide us all.

    2. i agree with anonymous.. your article and replies are nothing but crap.. shias try their best to discredit anyone but ali and his progeny ..even to the extent of spreading lies about the prophet saying that He had no knowledge which of His companions was a hypocrite.. thats disgraceful.. ? u ppl will say and do anything ... shame on u guys

    3. can some one tell me what happen with hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari, Hazrat Bilal-e-eHabshi and hazrat Salman Farsi(AS) after the prophet(pbuh)?
      I have plenties of questions and answers in my mind which i want to ask and explain on this plateform can some one have a courage to join me here but conidition is you must be unbiased and really want to listen what i am saying not argument by argument.


    4. why all hadis books have different number of hadis?

  16. The title says truth about ... Unfortunately there was no truth on this blog. Only safawi propoganda. Shame

  17. Wa iyadhu billaah, may almighty Allah guide us n u people 2 d rty path. Bt u shud b more n more careful. Wat eva u will say about hadrat Abuhurairah he is far far ahead. He had d chance of being with d prophet muhd n was previledge 2 eye him 4 good 3 years. Am pretty sure even in ur dreams u r not close 2 that. May Allah distroy d Shi'a!

  18. as salam alikum
    i went through the comments, i would only like to add that islam especially quran cannot be understood through intellect. one has to do deeper study to comprehend it and during this studies one gains clarity on many topics we had misunderstood. so please brothers and sisters dont comment on any issue until u urself have studied islam. due to one's mere assumptions one may influence others into wrong believe thus earning oneself hell fire.
    may allah guide us all and bless us with the absolutely correct divine knowledge of deen.

  19. the prophet gave abu huraira his nickname, he didnt gain it when he was young. Just beacause some hadiths may not make sense to you, doesnt mean they arent true, you have no authority to judge. And yes abu huraira narrated over 5000 hadiths but less than 10 were narrated by him alone, other sahabah narrated the same hadiths as well. So if he did make up all these hadiths, what are the chances that other sahabah made up exactly the same hadiths? Also you use Ibn Sa'ds book to give evidence of how umar used to beat abu huraira. It should be noted that Ibn Sa'd got most of his works from his teacher Ibn Waqidi who was known for being unreliable and a liar. And finally i have checked some of the hadiths you have provided and since they are fake i have reason enough to question the validity of the whole text

    1. First (to correct your thought process in talking to the blogger) -- The blogger he has every authority to judge -- he only has no authority over YOU to accept his judgement. If a hadith does not make sense to ANY one person, that person has authority to judge and reject it for himself and proclaim it to others. Others have a choice to accept his judgement or not.

      Now -- the 5000 that he narrated with other sahabah -- May I ask why we don't see that reflected in the Sahih books? Or are they? Can you please demonstrate where the Hadith sources are put forth?

    2. Agree With You MSC .. :)

  20. Alhamdulillah. I believe that the sunni perception on Islam is no different from the christians. A christian would clearly see the illogical nature of the bible, yet would argue that one needs the holy spirit to understand the bible. So my question to the Sunni is that right now at the moment who is their leader. I wonder if the sunnis read quran chapter 9 verse 101 and understand it at all. May Allah guide us to the right path

  21. When the Alawi Shia in Syria are raping, murdering, causing mischeif, creating segregations and imprisoning innocent muslims including women, children, men and elderly. No one talks about Islam and the Muslims but when a few sinful SHIA are killed in the true path of ALLAH (swt) the whole world reacts to this.

    Have you ever taken the situation of the Muslims in and aroun the world? What about the muslims in Burma? What about the muslims in China? What about the Muslims in South America? What about the Muslims in the Middle East?


    Why are you only naming the countries like Ash Shaam, Pakistan and Iraq?

    Islam did not come from either of those countries. IN fact Pakistan did not even exist nor ever were thought off back in the days.

    Why don't you search the term "Why Was Pakistan Created in 1947" in Google? Why don't you find out the truth about Abdulla Ibn Saba? Why don't you search the truth about your KAFIR ayatullah Khomeini?

    SHIA is not ISLAM. Shia is the followers of Abdullah Ibn Saba who are the makers of Masjid ul Ziraar and it is the Masjid where ALLAH (swt) mentions in the Quran and standing in Prayer in it is KUFR.

    Read the following articles:

    1. "Why was Pakistan created in 1947"
    2. "The Truth About Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran in 1079"
    3. "The Truth About US Military in Middle East and Afghanistan"
    4. "The Caliphate Movement"

    There are many more. The 3 countries you mentioned in the start of this propagated topic are nothing but EVIL of all. PAKISTAN SHOULD BE KNOWN AS THE ISRAEL OF ASIA.

    SYRIA (Ash Shaam) under Bashar Al Assad is nothing but a KAFIR who is following the Khazaar (Zionists).

    We the Muslims never reject Ali (ra). We the Muslims never reject any of the family of the beloved Prophet (PBUH). It is the SHIA/ISMAILI WHO ARE CURSED IN THAT.

    You do not need to be worried about Abu Hurairah (ra) because people as such are already in Jannah. Do not worry about the KUFR of others. SAVE YOURSELF





    1. Myths of Ibne Sabah

    2. you can not reject Ali(AS) you had no option because if you reject him you will be out of the religion.
      Shia is the only fiqa who has all the merits for jannah so what ever you call them it will go to trash so dont waste your energy and save it for day of judgement where you guyz defintely need it.

      keep remember shia in your prays jazakAllah.

  22. People who have support Asad [on the basis of sectarian bonds] in committing genocide of over a hundred thousand Syrian civilians, can be equated to the Nazis and the Serbs.

  23. Dear Shia People, I say "LAKUM DEENUKUM WALIYADEEN!!" Do what is right, Make Allaah (S.W.T) Happy, maintain good manners and character and be kind to people. Allaah Hafiz. :)

  24. Please give references for first 4 Sayings about Prophet Moses(A.S) as well. Thanks

  25. thoroughly enjoyed reading this article!!


  27. H.PROPHET s.a.w.w said I m city of knowledge and Ali a.s is it's gate.
    since childhood Ali a.s was with H.Prophet s. . Ali completed H.Prophet 's last ritual. Why ahle sunnat has taken only 500 Hadith only from him.????

  28. Good to know that you study sunni books, brother I would like to tell you that abu huraira didn't write anything on his own in sunni books. all is written came from person to person' chest. and most of the ravi's are kufis, come of them are converts from jews or others religion, if any one of them has fabricated something on behalf of abu huraira, then who will you blame??

  29. Now coming to your statistics. Let me calculate the number of Hadith from abu huraira. all I know is that in Shahih bukhari there are totatl 1039 hadith from Abu-Huraira, in Sahih Muslims there are total 1157 hadith. and in sahih muslim the hadith that are different from Sahih bukhari narrated from Abu-Huraira are only 98. and in Shaih Bukhari the hadith narrated from abu huraira without repition are 446 only. so in Shaih bukhari and sahi muslim total different hadith narrated from abu Huraira are only 446+98 =544. It would be quite amazing for you brother. if you let me then I will point of some narrators from Imam Baqir(A.S) who has narrated more than 300000 saying of Imam. and have u studied the life of abu Huraira, how he left everything just to be with the prophet, he used to live on Sadqaat of believers, and before coming to madinah Abu huraira had his own slave which he freed after he embarrassed islam with abu huraira too. why you just study to see the negative aspects brother? see brighter side of Abu Huraira. why don't you see those narrations were he mentioned that Hazrat Jafer bin abi talib (R.A) was most kind person towards poors. why don't u see where he mentioned that both the Abu Bakr and Umer were unable to satisfy his hunger??

  30. if 12 muslims are ten imam according to shias, then why prophet mentioned that they all will be from quresh?? why didn't prophet mentioned that the rulers will be from Bani Hashim?? and remember the hadith is mentioned only 12 rulers who will strengthen muslim state. that doest not mean that they all will be pious. so you can count 12 ruler strengthen the muslim state and after that the muslim state faced civil war,

  31. Abu hurairah radiyAllahu anhu will get his right back on day of judgment from every slandering lieing filthy shia!!! ALLAH says in surah maryam :"And your lord does not forget"

  32. I have been doing research on different sects of Islam and I have been disgusted by some of the comments people have been posting on some of these websites. I like to identify myself as a Muslim not Shia or Sunni. We are all on the path of our creator, he has taught us to be kind and not to mock other nations or religions because we never know who is better. We are all going to go back to him with our deeds. I believe the problem with our Ummah is that we fail to realize that regardless of our differences we have many things in common and our love for Allah (SWT) should be sufficient in learning to agree to disagree. We have been taught to hold onto the rope of Allah together and not to be divided. If we stopped hating on each other and say so and so is Kaffir or so and so is wrong, the world would be a better place. I am committed to bringing change to our Ummah so when I have children they can grow up in a place where our Ummah is United. I pray to Allah (SWT) that we ALL regardless of Sunni or Shia are guided to the right path, may Allah make us successful in this life and the hereafter. Ameen. Peace and love is the message our prophet (saw) taught us, let's live by his example. May Allah bless each and everyone of you.

  33. Shias. The most skeptical people ever.

    Sometimes I wonder why you people have so many trust issues. Why can't you accept something? Is it necessary to point out flaws in EVERYTHING? You people will praise EVERY Imaam, moulvi or Darwaish (someone who has seen the Prophet in a dream), you'll praise their piety and truthfulness, but you'll doubt the Companions. Those who have been blessed with SEEING AND SPENDING TIME WITH THE PROPHET. I'll have you know, just because we are sinful in this modern world, it doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON in world history is sinful. You people haven't even spared Aisha, wife of the Prophet. WIFE. UMM-UL-MOIMINEEN. I mean, what goes through your minds when you say such stuff?

    In addition, you people think that just because you have an ancestry with the Prophet (which EVERY Shia seems to be able to trace), you think you'll be exempted from the Day of Judgment. You think you'll get away with everything. You think yourselves superior or a master race, and the millions of other Muslims (without ancestry) as peasants or unworthy.

    Lastly, I'm a student. I frequently browse the Internet for answers on different topics in Islamiyat. WHENEVER I try to Google something, whether a Companion, or an event, a Shia site always pops up, slandering this, slandering that, proving themselves right, etc. Let me just tell you this:
    "When a penny drops on the ground, it makes the most noise. But when a hundred dollar note falls, it makes no sound at all."
    Just quoting a random thing. Don't mistake THIS for a Hadith, like you always do.

    Also, please refrain from saying things about Pakistan, about which you are ignorant. Just, please don't. We are the strongest Islamic nation in the world.

  34. We love hazrat abu huraira r.a

  35. This is the bane of our problems as muslims,sectetarianism.I am a Shia,I am Sunni,A ja'afariya,qadiriya,Tijanniya,Y. Can't we sheat our sword & unite as one umma.

    1. We don't need to unite with these rafzis brother they are the abusers of sahaba

  36. Idiots shia means ally, so we ahle sunnat are the ally if hazrat Ali not you retarded rafzis , just by shouting or by taking the name shia from book and calling advertising yourself as shia you not gonna be shia of ali , shia means ally, we ahlul sunnat are the shia (ally) of prophet, ahlul bayt, sahaba, and Salaf, you are just retarded rafzis

    1. Its better if we stop talking ill about these people and try to make them understand and pray to Allah that one day they might realise that what they are doing is wrong and ask Allah for forgiveness and guide their fellow people to righteousness

  37. It is true that a person's intelligence reckons against him, and those who own extraordinary gifts often pay the price at a time when they should receive a reward or thanks. The noble Companion Abu Hurairah is one of those. He had an unusual gift which was his strong memory.

    He was good in the art of listening and his memory was good in the art of storing. He used to listen, understand, and memorize; then he hardly forgot one word, no matter how long his life lasted. That is why his gift made him memorize and narrate the Prophetic traditions (Hadiths) more than any of the Companions of the Messenger (sollallahu 'alayhi wa sallam).

    Once Marwaan Ibn Al-Hakam wanted to examine AbuHurairah's ability to memorize. He invited him to sit with him and asked him to narrate about the Messenger of Allah (SAW) while a scribe sat behind a screen and was told to write whatever Abu Hurairah said. After a year, Marwaan invited him once again and asked him to narrate the same traditions the scribe had written. Abu Hurairah had not forgotten a single word!

  38. Lets rather focus on common challenges facing our ummah and humanity. Lets lose differences in sect caste race gender class nationality culture but rather respect one and all as spiritual beings. Imagine if we could focus all this "negative energy" into challenging the core enemy of Islam and muslims, the rogue state of Israel. Why dont we focus "positive energy" into addressing poverty inequality hunger homelessness as in Islam every human being is entitled to basic right of food shelter health education. Lets debate rather mechanisms to address these current challenges rather than the past which we cannot impact on.

  39. First of all we don't need to be branded as Shias or Sunnis-None of this was an Idea of GOD-It is a sad truth that Prophets Family is brutally murdered and we all commemorate their sacrifice-God is already rewarded them Paradise-But generations have to move on-You cannot put this one incident as the center of Life-GOD should be the center of life for muslims.Then again Sunnis hate shias because they reject Hadiths and persecuting them for ages-This is a satanic act and a big cover up not to question the authority of Sunni Ideology in which Salafi Ideology stemmed which turned into much venomous groups scattering death and misery around the world.Clearly no one is Interested in GOD or ISLAM.No one wants unity-Sunni,Shias,Wahabis--No one want to change----We are just finding reason to Hate--and the leaders can only survive on this hatred----When will the world hear!!!!

  40. I am a researcher in this field please quote all hadith with no and with authentic reference it will be easier to me to locate in less time, plz help me Sir, thank you